key projects that HAT are supporting in Nepal.

Key Projects and Needs

We see these projects as important in providing support and care that makes a real difference in people’s lives and Nepali society.


Nepal Covid Response

In Nepal on May 3rd there was 7,388 new Covid cases reported and 37 deaths in a single day, and these were just the reported cases. Nepal is being severely impacted by this 2nd wave of COVID-19.

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Care for Cure – Leprosy

The Care for Cure project supports people with leprosy. Every year more than 3,000 people in Nepal are diagnosed with leprosy. Many more will remain undiagnosed due to stigma, fear, and lack of medical expertise. While for many, it is about battling the unknown.

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Journey with Jumla

In remote Jumla district, the scenery is stunning, but life is difficult. Most families don’t have enough food to last the year, lack access to safe drinking water and decent sanitation, and are vulnerable to natural disasters and the growing impacts of climate change. INF is using Livelihood Programmes to work with these communities

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Green Pastures

For over 65 years Green Pastures Hospital (GPH) in Pokhara has been providing treatment and care for people living with leprosy. The work at GPH also includes treatment and rehabilitation for people living with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities and extends to reconstructive surgery, palliative care and specialist ear care.

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Poor Fund

This project supports the expenses for Nepalis who would otherwise not be able to access medical treatment. The including medicines, other treatment, transport, assistive devices and additional support costs such as food and accommodation.

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Empowering Women

This project seeks to increase access to justice, economic empowerment and participation in decision-making to enhance the prospects of all women and encourage them to participate freely and live with dignity in society.

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Smokeless Stoves

This project provides fuel efficient stoves to help decrease deforestation, provides girls with time to go to school (as they spend less time collecting firewood), and reduces indoor smoke and health related impacts.

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