HAT - Humanitarian Aid Trust Life in all its fullness Nepal’s poor and disadvantaged!

Humanitarian Aid
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HAT seeks to help people in New Zealand understand and support the poor and disadvantaged in Nepal.

We work in the areas of health, community development and relief work particularly among remote communities and the most disadvantaged. HAT is part of INF (International Nepal Fellowship) New Zealand

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    HAT Projects to Support

    You can financially support HAT projects in Nepal based around community development, medical or relief work.


    Sustainable Livelihood Project

    Bajura is one of the remote mountainous districts in the western part of the country. The district is ecologically sensitive to climate change. A majority of the farmers rely on rainfall to grow crops, and the district suffers from extreme weather conditions. This project seeks to improve adaptive capacity of the rural poor in this area to engage in agriculture-based livelihoods to cope with climate variability and change.

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    Nepal Covid Response

    In Nepal on May 3rd there was 7,388 new Covid cases reported and 37 deaths in a single day, and these were just the reported cases. Nepal is being severely impacted by this 2nd wave of COVID-19.

    $4,780 of $5,000 raised

    Care for Cure – Leprosy

    The Care for Cure project supports people with leprosy. Every year more than 3,000 people in Nepal are diagnosed with leprosy. Many more will remain undiagnosed due to stigma, fear, and lack of medical expertise. While for many, it is about battling the unknown.

    $500 of $3,500 raised
    Humanitarian Aid Trust Nepal

    Endorsement INF

    HAT (Humanitarian Aid Trust) is one of our partners who supports the work of INF. We are grateful for the support of people and groups in New Zealand who care for the poor and marginalised people of Nepal.

    Krishna Adhikari

    Executive Director, INF Nepal