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HAT - Humanitarian Aid Trust Nepal


Biking up the Height of Mt Everest – How hard can it be?

“Everesting” is the challenge of biking up a local hill over and over till you reach the height of Mt Everest. We’re Mark and Stephen, are a couple of intrepid and very amateur cyclists in Whanganui, New Zealand, crazy enough to take it on. When we hit a challenge or obstacle in our training, we say “Ah! How hard can it be?” It’s become our motto, summing up the shared joy, futility, and fun of our challenge.

Mt Everest rises to nearly 9km (29,030 ft) above sea level. Did we say we hope to do it all in one ride… on one day? How hard can it be?

We also know about Inter­na­tional Nepal Fel­low­ship. We love that it’s a long-stand­ing Chris­t­ian mission. We love that it’s staffed and gov­erned by Nepali people, and that it sup­ports those most in need. When we think about their lives and ask, “How hard can it be?”, we get a very chal­leng­ing set of answers. That’s why we want to partner with INF through their trust (HAT – Human­i­tar­ian Aid Trust) to raise money for the Poor Fund.

The Poor Fund seeks to help many hun­dreds of Nepalis with con­di­tions such as bone infec­tions, heart con­di­tions, spinal cord injuries, eye prob­lems and cere­bral palsy who cannot afford to pay for their medical treat­ment. If you would like to support us on this event to raise money for the ‘Poor Fund’ then please click here: 

If you’d like to follow us, encour­age us, or share our journey with your friends, come over to our Face­book Page. We’ll keep you updated on our train­ing and prepa­ra­tion, intro­duce you to some friends, and let you know how we go on our big ride.

We’re aiming to com­plete the ride on a day between 19 and 22nd January 2021, weather per­mit­ting. We’ll do about 100 laps cycling up and down a local hill. Each lap takes us about 10 minutes when we’re fresh. What happens when we’ve been riding 16 hours and are knack­ered… and still have some laps to go?

Ah! How hard can it be?!