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Funding / Donor Relations Specialist

Are you gifted and called to help raise support for INF’s live-saving and community-transforming work?

Would you love to be part of God’s kingdom work in Nepal?

INF likes to maintain a very high standard of reporting and also is always looking for new donors to be a part of our exciting work in Nepal. INF needs someone to introduce best practice and to mentor Nepali staff to grow in this area. We are looking for someone with experience of fundraising, PR or donor relations to lead and work with Nepali colleagues and develop their capacity to support programs in liaison with local, national and international donors.

Candidates must be proficient in the English language.
Training in the Nepali language is provided for expatriate workers, differing in length depending on the duration of their assignments.

INF is unable to pay salaries to expatriate workers in Nepal. Expatriates in INF are seconded by agencies in home countries who help them find their funding.