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INF Partnership Conference

A three-day long first INF Partnership Conference “Sahayatra-Walking Together” was hosted by INF from 20-22 November at Multipurpose Learning Centre building in Green Pasture Hospital Complex, Pokhara Nepal. The conference was inaugurated by Krishna Adhikari, INF Nepal Executive Director and led by Thomas Meier, Partnership Director along with his team. Around thirty delegates from 25+ national and international INF partners participated in the event. The conference was designed to take the next crucial step in building and strengthening the partnership. The conference sought to provide a platform for all INF partners to interact and explore opportunities for future partnership and collaborations.

The three-day conference featured three themes each day; Working Together, Trekking Together and Celebrating Together.  The theme working together focused on the real partnership, trekking together on conflict management and celebrating together on inter-cultural partnership.  The keynote Speaker for the conference was Rev Dr Johannes Reimer, professor of Missions Studies and Intercultural Theology at Ewersbach University of Applied Arts in Germany and the University of South Africa.  Rev Dr Johannes made his presentation and QA session around the core theme.

During the first two days of the conference, representative from each organization were given an opportunity to present and give an overview of their work. This was aimed to support collaboration within and between the partners bringing them in closer coordination and understanding of each other’s work.

The conference was also structured to foster discussion between participants, and this was achieved by hosting small theme group discussion on the topic Disability, Gender, Climate Change, Developments in Development where each participant could sign up to attend any two-group discussion session.  The combined short presentations by specialists, with structured discussion made the session more interactive and fruitful. The outcomes of the discussions were then shared by the facilitators of each group on the final day. INF also presented the awards on the final day to the partners in recognition of their significant and outstanding support to INF in responding to the devastating earthquake of 2015. These awards acknowledged the collaboration and partnership during the critical time, bringing people together collaboratively and implement innovative solutions of responding and rebuilding.

The conference was well received by the INF national and international partners and INF Nepal staff members. This was achieved not only through conference proceedings, but also through the commitment and partnership over the years. The conference in itself was first of its kind and INF Nepal is looking forward to organise such conference in near future to build the partnership and provide platform for collaboration.