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HAT - Humanitarian Aid Trust Nepal

Running a Fundraising Event INF (International Nepal Fellowship)

Raising money through a fundraising event is one way we can help people overseas. At INF we want to encourage you to raise money for our projects to help people in Nepal but also so that you may better understand and identify with the people of Nepal and the country.

Recently we have had people raise money through the Everest Challenge, Coast to Coast, Cycling Challenge, a Marathon and a World War II Dinner. Whatever event you are thinking of (endurance event, a walk, a dinner, a swim, games) then we would like to support you in your endeavour. We can help through supplying you with:

  • Slot on the project page of our website where people can learn more about you, your event, the project you are raising money for and then they can directly give money to that project. See here:
  • Create a brochure for you to share with supporters with information about INF, the project you want to support and the event that you will be doing
  • Promotion through the various INF support groups
  • Videos and material for your person social media pages
  • Support at the event through banners and information

For more information contact Sean Marston (INF New Zealand Director)

0272203931 or [email protected]